Erie Trial Law Rates & Fees

A common question for prospective clients is "How much will this cost?" In true lawyer fashion, the answer is always "it depends." At Erie Business Law, we strive to make fee arrangements that are reasonable for both sides.

Hourly Fees

There are several ways that attorneys can charge for their services. In many circumstances, the easiest way is for the attorney to work for an hourly fee.  The hourly rate your attorney charges will depend on many factors, including the attorney's level of experience, and the complexity of your case.

Since no two cases are exactly alike, it can be very difficult to predict how many hours it will take to resolve your matter. However, your attorney should keep you informed as your case progresses. In most instances, the attorney will request a retainer, which will be deposited into a trust account, and as the attorney spends time on your case, his fees will be withdrawn from the trust account.

Flat Fees

Frequently, our attorneys will provide certain services for a flat fee. In these cases, the amount will be presented in advance and you will know what fees to expect. This prevents surprise legal bills and allows you to budget appropriately for the work that will be done.

Contingency Fees

Contingency fees are typically only utilized when an attorney takes a percentage of the recovery amount from your case. These types of fees are prohibited in certain instances but are the most commonly used arrangement for personal injury cases. The percentage of the contingency fee typically depends on the type of personal injury case.

Consultation Fee

We offer free consultations if you are contacting us to discuss a personal injury matter (Automobile Accident, Medical Malpractice, Workers' Compensation, Product Liability).

Our Rates

The attorneys at Erie Business Law make every effort to accommodate the circumstances of every one of our clients. Whether you're working to build your business or are caught in the middle of a lawsuit, we're confident we can arrange a fee agreement that works for you.

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